We are a global procurement company providing some of the latest technologist of multiple energy solutions from hydrogen to kinetic energy, solar to nano technologies of fuel filters that increase efficiency and reduce harmful toxins. Fuel enhancers for all petroleum based petrol's from diesels to bio-diesels, enhancing all grades of gasoline to ethanol's and kerosine's. Computer controlled distribution of fuel through nano-tech fuel injectors that further reduce costs & emissions while increasing efficiency.

The purist water available without the need of a water course, just air! Using dehumidifiers and a patented ozonator, ionizer, and charcoal filtration system for the purest, best tasting water on the planet. From office water fountains to very large custom municipality instillation's, portable; tractor tailors using water for hydrogen fuel while providing great drinking water. Even fill you windshield fluids with non-residuals when dried and plenty of clear, clean water to wash your truck. We even have a small 1,000 watt solar panel solution to help power the DrinkableAir system while charging your batteries and powering your lights when shut down for the night, without any noisy generators.

Paints that stops rust and makes rusted metal stronger than before it rusted. Boat hull paint that resists living organisms for more than 10yrs, of things like barnacles that slow you down and corrodes your boat. A stainless steel cleaner and revitalizer that not only cleans and shines, but brings corroded, rusted chrome back to it's original formula. As easy as painting it on and washing it off, no polishing to achieve a shinny finish.


Our Mission Statement

As Global Procurement Associates, our mission is to provide commercial, transportation, and energy clients with green and supportive solutions for their businesses.

New Technologies

Our goal is to provide the best products and technologies. If you see it here, it's the best! If you have a product you feel will improve the lives of those who use them while improving our footprint on earth, then please contact us for a review, we are always open to new products that will help others.

Global Recognition

Even though we are a new company, we are already establishing global recognition throughout the world and mostly to the praise of our manufacturers creating quality products that speak volumes in any language. Europe, Australia, Africa, Caribbean, South America, and North America for starters. We are very fortunate, not only in the companies who trust our services, but also in the team who have made it all possible. Quality products demand quality services, and our goal is to provide both, very well.


If you are one of our manufactures, your brand is your brand, and we intend to make it known that it is one of the best products created for our prospective clients. We are very thorough in our research and testing to make sure we are promoting the very best of each product. We apologize if you don't make the cut, as our standards are of the highest and we require the same from those we choose to promote.

Business Profile

What we have found is that there is a niche needed in providing sales solutions for green manufacturers. Often, manufacturers will have a great product, but will need a sales force to grow their business. In speaking with our global representatives, we have found that the need for these solutions is not only nationwide, but also worldwide. In many cases, there are ways to bundle various manufacturers to provide an array of product options to reduce operating costs and provide an environmentally friendly solution.

General Company Description

In order to create and sustain GPA Distribution, our growth direction will take on a three phase strategy:

Phase 1: Acquire a sales force and relationships with key vendors throughout the world.
In developing these key pieces, we will work hand in hand with our vendors and provide a drop ship format with each of our vendors. This will allow us to keep our overhead low and generate working capital for our business. We have established ourselves as a Partnership LLC with the U.S. government. To further increase our sales force internationally, we will have our international entities set up as LLC’s and compensate them accordingly. This will allow us to expand our sales force quickly and efficiently, as well as keeping our overhead costs to a minimum.

The second half of the equation will be our products. In order to create balance and drive focus amongst our sales force, we will divide our primary resources into three distinct directives: Transportation, Commercial and Residential, and Energy.

Phase 2 – In this phase, we will add in a quotations team, customer service center, and claims department. In addition, we will expand into software markets, and look at stocking options in various locations based on customer needs and vendor support. With this diversification, we can become either the representative of a company or an extension of their sales staff. Our goal at this point will be to present vendors and manufacturers with sales packages for their company. We will be able to utilize our global relationships to network and share ideas with the world while simultaneously stimulating immediate growth for manufacturers.

Phase 3 – We will add medical, medical device and medical facility construction into our portfolio. These markets will create some diverse options as well as the need for a specialized sales department. It is here that we will work with both sides of medicine.


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    Providing a team of people from sales to delivery verification.
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