Wind Turbines

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Evolution of Wind having been the names of our small wind power generators, this one being the 2800 is a product of over a period of four years of engineering and wind dynamic studies. It truly was created to function in low wind speeds, thus capturing wind energy hours that many of other small wind power generators miss. And in contrast to the majority of the other turbines in the market, the was invented to remain simple yet modern looking. With its blades reminiscent of the sails in a racing yacht, our turbine will most assuredly not be an eyesore. The Evolution of Wind is on the leading edge in small wind turbine design. Standing only ten feet tall and weighing under 400 lbs, the Evolution of Wind opens the niche to new installation ideas. Because of its ability to rotate 360 degrees, the can capture any wind direction. The volume of the blades and the shield right in front make the turbine easy to see and avoidable to the advantage to our many avian friends. The system also uses the low air pressure area created between both blades to muffle sounds that makes it a lot quieter than traditional turbines. For more information and pricing, please contact us.

Wind Turbines Technology