Hydrogen Gas From Water

Hydrogen-Boost is a gas mileage enhancement system that provides hydrogen-gas to the combustion chamber.  This system has provided a documented minimum of 10% in fuel economy and far more with modified driving techniques as well.


Precession Fuel Blending

G-Volution - Is an optimization system that allows our clients to blend two or more fuels with precision, and allows for cleaner secondary fuels to be used as the become available.

UltraTech International, Inc.

Chemical Spill Containment is a vast line of both prevention and emergency remedies for such events as chemical spills, storm water incidents, waste storage, drain seals, booms, berms and guards and construction site compliance.

Xp3 Fuel Enhancers

Fuel Treatments, Anti-corrosive Treatments, Grease & Lubricants with Anti-friction:

Xp Lab is a leader in the development of fuel enhancers and additives, grease, lubricants and other chemicals. We apply the highest quality cutting edge in the investigation and manufacture of all of our products.

Xp Lab utilizes expert researchers, technicians and engineers at state of the art laboratories throughout the United States and other parts of the world, where our present and future products are developed and tested.

The rigorous quality control applied, allows us to guaranty the level of excellence that has distinguished our product throughout its existence.

Xp3 Fuel Enhancers


Processing Pure Drinkable Water From Contaminated Sludge

These water purification systems are purifying contaminated water as fast as it is sent through and taking out 100% of all impurities. Usage: from farm sludge to sewage treatment, large air cooling systems, on site drinking water purification. Any where the need is for processing contaminated water.

Ultra Ever Dry

Protective Nano Coatings

Nano technology liquid application that protects all kinds of surfaces from dirt, grease, water, chemicals, inks. Basically anything you can think of will not stick. Concrete applications have less clean-up. Clothing and shoes stay cleaner. Painted surfaces keep their original color and can't be marked by graffiti. Electronics resist moisture and wont corrode.
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Strengthen and Protect Anything Steel

A spray on ceramic that not only protects against corrosion but will strengthen rusted metal back to original strength. Industrial use from radio active material placed in barrels that corrode over time can now stay stronger longer to any metal that needs protection from corrosion.

Plus Natural Enzimies

Safe natural organic cleaner and pesticides. Concentrated industrial strength commercial kitchen & drain cleaner that kills harmful bacteria. Pest Control that kills many of the pest we prefer didn't come inside and those that are a nuisance outside.

Kinetic Energy Power Plants

Totally green, no emissions, no fuel, no pollution. Custom systems for small facilities to large city municipalities. Low maintenance, low cost to keep running and maintain. The future is here and GPA can make Kinetic Energy happen for you.

Wind Turbines

The Evolution of Wind is on the leading edge in small wind turbines design. Standing only ten feet tall and weighing under 400 lbs, the Evolution of Wind opens the niche to new installation ideas.


Tools For Every Mechanic

Snap On - is a leading global innovator of cutting edge tools, diagnostic equipment, and professional information systems.

Braille Battery

Faster Stronger Lighter Racing Batteries

Braille Battery - manufactures lightweight Lithium Ion High performance batteries as well as the only AGM Carbon fiber race battery.

World Most Powerful Spark Plugs

Increase your mileage by 6% using Pulstar Spark Plugs. Increase performance and horse power.

Auxin Solar

Auxin Solar is doing much to reduce the worldwide dependence on fossil fuel. We have an array of off-grid energy solutions.