EPA Wins a Big Step to a Cleaner World

EPA Wins a Big Step to a Cleaner World

The EPA made history last month when it introduced a Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution from power plants. This first-ever national plan is the best chance we have to slow climate disruption — it’s a big deal, and the big polluters know it. We will be showing massive support for the Clean Power Plan at the EPA’s hearings this week in Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

GPA has several new technologies that will help our planet reduce the pollution these large power plants are producing while providing all the energy needs they currently produce. We all know it’s hard to get big business that’s been in place for decades to take the leap on to new technologies. In fact it has been the main reason why we are still polluting our world when there are better alternatives. This win for the EPA will help us finally get the ear of those who hold the funds. It’s a win win for everyone as with these and many other governmental new incentives those in control will be able to take the leap while still making the money they want while all those who pay to use it know it is a better cleaner way.

Our first and most impressive: Kinetic Energy System; exceeds any other plan to reduce the carbon footprint. It runs on just water and air pressure! No fossil fuels needed! Zero Emissions! Our system runs on a tall conveyor belt of empty drums that are submerged in a tower of water. When the tanks turn the bottom corner they are filled with air. It’s the buoyancy that creates all the energy. As each tank fills with air, the torque increases and turns the electric generator motor. Our brush-less motors are of a new technology that have increased power while having a smaller less friction footprint. In an 18’x 18′ footprint we can produce 5mW minimum of power. It only needs 12kW to start the process, then it will continue to produce clean, limitless power 24/7/365. We are able to parallel as many of these together to meet the needs of a populated city. All while producing current energy needs without creating one ounce of pollution!

Next we are coming out with a smaller more powerful wind generator. Not your typical airplane prop design that comes with many issues. But rather a vertical design that uses a dual curved wing design that only needs 3mph to create energy. They are quieter, smaller, and twice as efficient of any other on the market today. We are even blowing minds with never before even thought of designs that will go into your AC air handlers. The wind generated by your air cooling fans will turn these smaller electric generator motors producing up to 10kW per hour! Do the math! That is truly and literally blowing minds!

The other issue these older nuclear power plants are all guilty of doing is producing radio active waste that some have been storing in drums and burring in old abandon mines. These minds are starting to have serious issues with the drums starting to leak some 50 yrs later. We have a product that will at least safeguard these issues indefinitely! By spraying on a cold spray ceramic “CERAMguard” it will make the steel 5 times stronger, bullet proof to a 50 caliber round, and wont ever leak again!

Each of these products, GPA Distribution now has world wide rights to sell. If you have a connection to someone who could benefit from these new technologies, please contact us for more details.

Also, do your part and make congress aware that you want a cleaner world too!
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