AquaGeneering Water Purification

AquaGeneering Water Purification

Benefits of the AquaGeneering
‘NOCHEM’ Solutions

Multi Patented Technologyaquageneering purification
AquaGeneering utilizes several unique patents in the design
and manufacturing of these proven water reclamation and
recovery systems.

• 100% environmentally friendly – uses no chemicals,
• Fully Automated process,
• Scalable & stackable to millions of liters per day,
• Patented self cleaning pre-filter system,
• Patented liquid storage system reservoir,
• Self monitoring,
• Low energy consumption,
• Removes 99.9% of natural or man-made pollutants,
• Renders pure and renewed water for potable consumption
or environmental discharge,
• Virtually maintenance free,
• Extended life span of membranes, pumps, valves & control
sensors due to using pure water to self-flush,
• Fully tested with agricultural animal waste slurry,
• Tested as part of a biodiesel production system,
• Successfully in use for over 20 years in a retail environment.

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