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All Natural + Baby Safe = Effective!

Kills bedbugs on contact and lasts approximately 3 months.
Also effective on fleas, ticks, mites, spiders, ants, roaches, as well as other pest infestation.
Risk-free around pets and babies.

Finally there’s an all-natural, green alternative to the damaging chemicals used by other pesticide companies. We’re A-Plus Pest Control, Inc., a full-service, environmentally-safe pest control company. We have now replaced chemical ingredients with cedar oil, Plus Natural Enzymes as well as other environmentally friendly products. Our products does away with both the upsetting insect infestation and of course the fear about making use of toxic chemical compounds surrounding your home, flat, condo, restaurant (good riddance fruit-flies), storehouse, lodge, or other businesses. Our products are completely safe for use around all friends and family, along with dogs or cats.

Place confidence in us for all your pest eradication and inspection needs. Our professional technicians are experts in bedbugs (bed bugs) and quite a few other pests. We happen to be experts in bedbugs an have the best product safe enough for your children to use. Building Owners & Hotel & Hospitality Managers: We have just the solution to protecting against bedbugs well before they happen. Inquire about our our Plus Natural Enzymes brand of bedbug products and solutions. We are actually seeking national distribution.

if you have cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, bedbugs, centipedes, mice, rats or various other pest. We can help you do it right.

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